Here is a sample of the feedback we’ve recieved from our clients.


“Absolutely excellent. Second physio I’ve visited with shoulder problem. 1st one didn’t cure it. 3 sessions with these and they had diagnosed and remedied the problem. No pain at all now. Would definitely recommend.”


“Excellent advice of exercises to do for calf strain. Stretching worked. Initial technical analysis first class. Told I was 10cm short in movement. Highly recommended.”


“Wonderful helpful service by staff – very dedicated. Would gladly recommend such good quality service to anyone.”


“Excellent people who are really caring and have your personal wellbeing as their number one priority. Wouldn’t hesitate to come back.”


Having recently needed help with physio support I am extremely grateful for the help I received from Fiona, who not only tackled the initial problem but also worked with me on rehab following a knee replacement. I was given timely & very helpful treatment and advice with written & emailed information & photos to ensure that I was able to continue with correct exercises – many thanks!

Ian Pollock - Director of Sport, Repton School

Repton School set up a partnership with Sports Medicine Partners 18 months ago to provide physiotherapy for our boarding school pupils without them leaving the site, and enabling direct feedback to our coaching staff on their injuries. We have seen the interest and service grow significantly, by around 300%, in this time and they have become an increasingly important strand of our performance teams.

This is undoubtedly down to the first class physiotherapy SMP provide, a view shared by staff and pupils alike, but also due to the way in which our pupils gain a greater understanding of their injury, the causes and the treatment methods by having it explained at their level, whilst in the most part maintaining their participation levels.

We have seen a wide range of injuries, from ligament sprains to stress fractures, and every one has been treated with the utmost care and attention, as well as the personal service that very few providers would offer.

Our link with SMP is now improving the performances of our young athletes, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone involved in sport or activity, at any level.
Aviva Daily Telegraph School Sports Awards – ‘Independent School of The Year, Winners 2008’, ‘Independent School of The Year, Highly Commended 2010’.

Sarah Holt

My name is Sarah Holt, I am a Great Britain athlete, specializing in the hammer throw.  I have represented my country through all of the age groups since being 16 years old; 8 years.  My main goal for the future is to compete in the London Olympics in 2012.

I have experienced back problems on and off for around four years. Initially, in 2007 I injured my back in the weights room, causing disk herniation of the L4-5 vertebral disk.  Although I had long periods of being fit and healthy the spells of injury caused by back pain were tremendously damaging to my ability to train and compete.  I would train hard, hurt my back, take time off to recover, rehab and be back to square one, much of the work I had put in had been to little end result.

In July 2010 my back begun to tighten up and gradually I was in pain with almost any day to day movement.  2010 was an important year for me as it was the Commonwealth Games, potentially my first major championship.  I did manage to compete at these championships.  However, in the three months building up to the event my training was very sporadic, many weeks I could do nothing at all but ice my back to reduce the pain.  At the Games, I was still in pain but managed to compete, not as well as I would have hoped but the result was reflective of the problems I had encountered through the Summer.

Following the Commonwealth Games and with two years remaining until the home Olympics I was still experiencing back pain.  It was important for me to firstly get my body fit and healthy and again, and secondly do all in my power to ensure that I would have no further back flare ups.  I have worked with Doctor Chakraverty for around two years as the UK Athletics team doctor.  He believed that my back needed strengthening by means of prolotherapy.  Although I was nervous about having to endure so many injections, I trusted his decision entirely.

Dr Chakraverty administered all three of my sessions of prolotherapy.  I was very apprehensive but he was reassuring and made me feel more comfortable about the procedure.  In the end, it wasn’t as bad as what I had initially thought it would be.  Following the course of injections I have worked under Dr Chakraverty’s guidance, working daily on strengthening my back and core muscles in addition to stretching and mobilizing the region.

7 months past, my back is now in the best state it has every been.  I have no pain at all through any areas of training.  My performances are the best they have ever been and I am confident that these positive results will continue toward the Olympics.  I believe that without having prolotherapy I wouldn’t be in the healthy state that I am in now. I am very grateful to Dr Chakraverty for his recommendation and also his continued support.

Anne Rothwell

After suffering over 20 years of chronic back pain and seeing chiropractors, osteopaths and orthopaedic surgeons without success, a series of 3 prolotherapy injections into my right sacro-iliac area has essentially ‘cured’ the problem. I am now pain-free and have been able to return to my previous activities and sports, including running. I cannot thank Dr Chakraverty enough!

Zak Edwards

I’ve been to see more physios than I care to remember in the past 15 years. From dodgy knee’s, to groin strains, back problems and shoulder injuries, I seem to have had the lot.

I can categorically say that Paula is the best physio I’ve seen bar none. There was none of the usual baloney – cracking bones, getting me in loads of awkward positions etc – but what I felt was an honest course of action to fix an issue that I currently had and moreover to exercises to put in place to ensure that the injury didn’t re-occur. It has to be said by the way that this was after I’d been told by a surgeon that “I most likely needed an operation”.

Treatment aside, the practice is clean, warm and friendly which I feel is equally as important!

I would have no hesitation in recommending both Paula and Sports Medicine Partners in the future.

Rebecca Peake - Commonwealth Games Athlete

I am currently training for the 2012 Olympic Games and have represented Great Britain on several occasions, in 2010 I finished 5th in Commonwealth Games, Delhi. As a non-funded athlete training and competing at and elite level it is vital I receive world class medical support. In July 2011 I injured my hand competing at the National Championships and World Trials. Dr Chakraverty treated my hand with an injection and the injury recovered well enabling me to attend a vital training camp in Holland. I also had an injury to my foot which was hampering my progress this was also treated, enabling me to return to full training quickly and work on technical aspects of my throw