What if I need a test or further investigations into my condition?

As we have a variety of specialists available we are able to perform tests on-site or arrange tests directly for you. We have modern ultrasound diagnostic equipment in the Clinic and this equipment is also used to guide most injections that we do the clinic. We also have access to a variety of MRI scanners in the UK and will use the most appropriate scanner for your condition and in the most convenient location. Blood and urine in tests can be taken at the clinic and analysed at a London laboratory. When we require hospital-based equipment we can perform these at Little Aston hospital where our doctors have practising privileges.

MRI scans

Where appropriate these are performed at Spire Little Aston hospital. We use the latest PACSmail system to get the scans read by leading radiologists in Birmingham, Leeds and London. Our protocols mean that we can get the most information from the scans. The scanners we use are  modern large bores and so claustrophobia is not usually a problem. Where possible we have negotiated more attractive fees for our patients.

Ultrasound scans

Our doctors use modern portable ultrasound scanners similar to those available to us at the Olympic polyclinic At London 2012. This allows us to get more information about your condition at your 1st visit which speeds up the process of getting you back on your feet again.  We also use ultrasound to help guide many of our injection treatments. This means that there is greater accuracy in placing the injection in the spot required and therefore more likely to do the job intended.


This can be arranged at Spire Little Aston or at other private facilities in the UK. At the time of your test you will usually be given a disc containing your films and we use  PACsmail to allow our radiologists to report your films and pass on the results to us.

Blood Tests

When necessary we can take blood samples in the clinic and send them to our London laboratory for analysis. If more appropriate, we can ask your GP to do the tests at your surgery.