Our Services

Physiotherapy clinics run daily from each centre, where our priority is the early assessment of your problem.

Where appropriate, our experienced physiotherapists will offer you hands on treatment using established manual techniques and advise on a programme of exercises to re-establish movement and strength of your joints and muscles. If required, appointments can be made to see one of our team of sports physicians, each with their own experience and involvement in high level sport. Here, diagnostic ultrasound may aid diagnosis and many treatments, such as injections can be arranged on-site. Further investigations, such as MRI scans, may be organized at nearby centres.

Links with exercise centres, mean that the final stages of rehabilitation, where it is important to build aerobic fitness, strength and coordination, can be monitored and overseen by our practitioners.

Knee Injury

Common Conditions

Here are some of the more common conditions regularly treated by our experienced clinicians.


Back Pain Service

What should you do when you get back pain or sciatica? What type of therapist would suit you best – should you see a physiotherapist or a doctor. Do you…

Diagnostic Services


What if I need a test or further investigations into my condition? As we have a variety of specialists available we are able to perform tests on-site or arrange tests directly for you.

Clubs and Schools

Clubs & Schools

SMP can and do work alongside sports clubs and schools. We can provide all or selected elements of our service to supplement the medical provision already in place. Few sports…

Services by Sport

Services By Sport

Many sports lead to injuries or problems that are typical of that sport. Our clinicians are experienced in a wide range of sporting environments and treat these conditions successfully on a regular basis. We understand the demands of you sport and what is needed to return you to activity.

Dont Play Sport

Don’t Play Sport

While we are experienced in treating professional sports people and elite athletes our philosophy is to take the multi-disciplinary and patient centred approach that works for them and apply it…

Donjoy Brace Fitting West Midlands

Donjoy Braces

Donjoy is the leading global provider of high quality orthopaedic devices . In 2008 they announced the appointment of Sports Medicine Partners (SMP) in Lichfield as their first official brace…