Muscle Injuries

Muscle Injuries

Muscles injuries are common in sport. Collisions can result in bleeding within a muscle and running (particularly sprinting) can result in tears.

Muscle bleeding can result in collections of blood. Early iceing and compression may limit the bleeding. If large collections occur, these can interfere with healing and may need to be drained with a needle.

Commonly muscle tears can occur in the hamstring, calf or thigh muscles. Most injuries resolve with a combination of early rest, ice and compression followed by appropriate stretching, strengthening and graduated return to sporting activity.

Accurate diagnosis can be made through clinical examination and the help of imaging (ultrasound and/or MRI) which help determine both the extent and site of injury and give an idea of the most appropriate timescale of return to sport.

Our clinicians include A Sports Physician working with track and field athletics and physiotherapists working with football and other sports. We therefore have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating and rehabilitating these injuries.