Doc Roger’s Rio Blog

So nearly at the end of the Women’s golf event at Rio 2016. How has golf faired? What has it been like to be working together with members of the R&A (rules for the world apart from Americas), PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour (US ladies tour), the LET (ladies European Tour), the USGA (golf rules in the Americas), all brought together under the banner of the International Golf Federation. The course was a wild life reserve and had snakes, a crocodile and capybara(up to 45 kg guinea pig looking creature)! From my personal point of view, it has been great to hang out with physios from all the golf Tour. We all have the same issues; we all work on generally nice people but have the frustrations of airports and air travel. The techniques used are similar. Olympic players have been loyal and tend to want to see therapists from the Tour they usually play on.


And did golf succeed as an Olympic sport? Viewing figures were very good; the men’s golf was the 5th most watched golf event EVER! And, in Sweden, only 65,00 people watched Henrik Stenson win the Open but 1.5 million people (in Sweden) watched the final holes of the Olympics in which he was in contention! I think the men’s winners, Justin Rose, will be inspirational for future participation by top players. He fully embraced his Olympic experience. And his caddy told us that this was the best week of his life! I wonder what the owl bunker close to the first hole has been tweeting? He/she remains unperturbed after a week of continual human interruptions!


Something must have been going right!