Jim’s Blog Days 5&6

Day 5; With Turkey belly seeming to have eased and no need to visit the track today due to none of us competing, we decided to take a walk this morning down to the seafront. Seems like quite a busy cargo port but was nice sat on the sea wall in the sun and the breeze on a day off.

However after a while sat there putting the world to rights and dangling our feet in the cool but refreshing Aegean Sea our morning walk was spoilt by a solitary cloud which forced us to cut short our time out of the room as we thought we ought to get back to shelter!! Plus being out in 40degree heat in middle of the day is never the best thing anyway!
With one of us racing in the 400m heats tomorrow morning we thought we’d grab an omelette on the way back and then once again chill out in the room out of the heat in preparation.
Should point out that to those who don’t know, sitting around doing not very much takes place quite a lot in an athletes calendar especially during big championships when body preservation and rest are the best thing prior to racing.

Day 6; An early start once again with a 6.45 alarm to grab a bite to eat then it’s off to the track for the 400m heats, or so we thought! Once again, as with the 100m heats, they are cancelled with no athlete knowing or having any way of finding out until the get to the track! The proverbial elbow and backside springs to mind!
The Head Honcho of all the organisation of the champs even stated to the other officials that the 100m’s would be the only time this happened as it was too late to change and from then on normal/usual competition circumstances would resume. Oh No!! Once again someone has taken it upon themselves to move it all back by 12hrs so the track officials can have a lie in!!!
Therefore at 9.30am I’m already writing this back in the hotel room!! Hopefully there will be better news to follow later as once again we venture off to the track!

In the downtime I went off for a leisurely stroll and was initially headed to the chemist but then my mind was changed when I saw a friendly MacDonalds sign and it just had to be done as there’s only so much doner meat one person can eat!! This will at least get me through till tonight when I think another omelette could be on the cards! Having consumed the above and feeling almost human again I ventured out and took in some sights of the Izmir/Konak Waterfront.

Having returned to the track once again this afternoon my roomie qualified easily for his 400m final tomorrow morning as 3rd quickest and he gets a pretty good lane draw with the big guns in his sights!
Plain pasta and chicken dinner and stomach seems to be getting back to normal! With an early-ish start again in the morning I’ll sign off for now and return with some more news in a couple of days.