Sports Medicine Partners have joined forces with YourPhysioPlan as their preferred local provider for Physiotherapy and Sports Massage.

YourPhysioPlan eliminates the often lengthy wait for treatment found in the NHS, with members having direct access to treatment with one simple phone call, at times convenient to their life. You don’t even need to see your GP for a referral!

YourPhysioPlan is a growing healthcare provider aimed at those who are likely to access Physio, Sports Massage and Strength and Conditioning on a regular basis. In the same way that we have invested in our dental health through DenPlan and even our pet’s health with PetPlan, members have increased access to Private Physiotherapy, Massage or Strength and Conditioning through monthly payment plans, rather than being faced with a large outlay after a course of treatment.

YourPhysioPlan members can expect to gain more from their activity by forming a regular relationship with their Physiotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist or Strength and Conditioning Coach through monitoring the condition of their musculoskeletal health and providing early intervention: stopping injuries occurring or escalating to the point that they affect quality of life and function.

YourPhysioPlan covers even pre-existing conditions with common problems being:
– Low Back Pain
– Rheumatological conditions e.g. CFS, ME, Fibromyalgia
– Hip and groin pain
– Knee injuries
– Ankle injuries
– Neck pain and whiplash
– Shoulder injuries
– Post-operative care
– Tennis elbow
– Wrist and hand injuries
– Neurological conditions eg. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, MS
– Sports injuries

For more information on signing up to YourPhysioPlan and details of their monthly payment plans head to or pop into Sports Medicine Partners to pick up a leaflet.