Running the Lichfield 10k? Keep Reading……

Many of you reading this blog maybe about to approach running your very first 10km race on the 29th September, as well as those of you who are seasoned athletes running numerous races. Therefore, I have chosen to approach the subject of WARM UPS: “should I warm up?” And if so “how should I warm up?” As this is a newsletter it is difficult to put in vast amounts of specific detail therefore there is a link to an excellent website at the end of this for those of you who would like more information on the topic.

Generally warm ups should be individual and the one size fits all does not apply. Recent research has suggested that static stretching (holding a stretch position) could be detrimental to performance and that more dynamic stretching (moving the joints repetitively through their available range) does not negatively affect performance Behm et al. (2011). However, if you have a specific tight area of the body which causes discomfort when you run, which, is relieved by static stretching then this may form an important part of your warm up. A physiotherapist or running coach may be able to guide you on what is appropriate for you as an individual.

Warming up is about preparing the body for what we are about to do. When we are out on a training run we may use the first mile or so to gently get the body moving before getting into the main pace of our run, therefore, before a race we need to prepare our body in order to be comfortable at our race pace when the gun goes off. As a general guide then, we would advice to do some gentle aerobic running to increase the heart rate and to prepare the muscles for the race ahead, followed by some dynamic stretching to prepare and move the joints used for running and any other activities based on individual needs. For more detailed evidence based information along with links to some dynamic stretching please see

Physiotherapists from Sports Medicine Partners will be at the 10km Race on 29th of September for any pre and post race advice, post race massage or treatment required.