Cate’s Blog Part 2

So training is now in full swing and although different athletes are doing different types of training at different times, life for me has started to get in to a routine.

My job whilst I’m out here is basically to keep the athletes in the best condition they can be to train as effectively as possible. Luckily none of the 4 have any injuries at the moment so my work is mainly ‘maintenance’. When an athlete trains at the intensity that they are required here, the muscle groups which they use the most tend to become tight and sore which can lead to injuries in the longer term. As a result most of my work is to ensure that these muscles stay a normal tone before and after training. Each athlete will have a stretching session for any session and then I will spend an hour, sometimes more, with each of them every other day for more hands on treatment. This can be massage, stretching, joint mobilisation or trigger point releasing – all techniques that we use regularly at SMP. I’ve also introduced a couple of the athletes to Rocktape, a taping product that I use regularly in clinic to reduce existing muscle tightness during exercise. I’m also going to be developing a neck strengthening programme for them too, along with the head coach, in an attempt to reduce some of the aches and pains that wheelchair athletes can develop as a result of the posture that they need to be in to race as quickly as possible.

Today is a quiet day for training and with treatments already complete, I’m taking the opportunity to head out an catch some rays for the first time – well there’s got to be some perks to this job!

Cate x