Dramatic Ryder Cup Win!

Dr Roger Hawkes, the European Team Doctor and senior partner at Sports Medicine Partners, is only just getting over the dramatic turnaround in Medinah in September. But the new season is beginning and work is ongoing to prepare the European players playing on the European Tour.

Most of the work for the Ryder Cup was in making sure we had 12 fit players at the event. In Chicago it was important to prevent common illness which would have ended any hope of a victory. The players, families and staff knew that so called “minor” ailments such as colds and stomach upsets could have been disastrous! Copious amounts of gell cleanser was used!

Injury treatment is very important and in addition to the Sports Medicine team on Tour we have an advisory bord containing eminent specialists in a number of fields from around the world. We are about to publish our first 2 papers in Journals in the next few months. Similar to the set up at Sports Medicine Partners, we have the facility on Tour to do Ultrasound scans on-site. We can also we can do MRIs in any country where a player is staying and have the scans beamed back to our experts in other part of the world for expert reporting.