Richard Week 5 and 6

Firstly I must offer my apologies because I have been absent for over a week. I have no real excuse, but anyone who has suffered from jetlag might have some degree of sympathy for me i hope. 
Anyway, I’m glad to report that my final week in L.A. was much more successful than the previous! Having just re-read last weeks blog I think that’s a good thing for all concerned as I have no idea what I would have written had the race gone horribly.  
This past race was at the Mt Sac Relays, which is one of the largest track meets in the world  in terms of participation. I was lucky enough to get a lane in the elite race which put me up against some of the very best American 400m hurdlers.  When I say the very best I mean for example Angelo Taylor, the defending Olympic champion for the 400mH…. So some serious competition.
For me personally I managed to put the race together much better than last week though I would have liked to have been a tad more competitive. There is still plenty of work to do, top of the list being trying not to rip my knee open on hurdle 1, but thankfully I think I have managed to banish the demons of last week and I actually put a race together. It’s a weird practise the first few races of the season because until you find your rhythm they can be very hit or miss, and so far I have most definitely had one of each. 
We finally reached the final week of the trip, and as a group we slowly made our way back to what looks to be a typically wet and windy England. As always for me, the final week is the hardest, which I imagine might come across in this weeks blog. I begin to get a little homesick as well as quite bored and start to yearn for a proper cup of tea, a nice old school roast dinner, a catch up with the family and a proper nights sleep in my own bed. Not too much to ask for really 🙂
But I am finally home, I’m working my way through the list and have appointments booked in for Monday at the injury clinic with Cate and Laura so hopefully they can stick me back together and get me ready for next weekend which sees me line up in the Olympic Stadium at the British Universities Championships. 
Apologies if this weeks blog is a little lacking in colour and perceived enthusiasm. I promise that next week once my body is sure what time it is, and i’ve gotten used to these grey skies and never ending rain I will try my best to paint the picture of what it is like to compete inside the Olympic stadium.