Meet our new Female Sports Massage Therapist with an Introductory Money off voucher

Sports Medicine Partners are pleased to announce that they now have a female Sports Massage Therapist available at the Lichfield Clinic and to celebrate Laura Page joining the Sports Medicine team we are offering £6 off the price of a Sports Massage, valid until 31 May 2012

If you are unsure what a Sports Massage is or whether it is the right treatment for you the article below may help you.

Alternatively contact us at 01543 414491 and we can answer any questions you have.


Most people have experienced, or know someone who has had a sports massage, but do you know why they are so beneficial?

Sports massage is typically, but not always, a deep tissue massage designed to lengthen muscle tissue, break down and repair damaged (scar) tissue, promote healing and recovery, reduce pain, aid relaxation and decrease anxiety.  Sports massage can also enhance performance, whatever your age and ability.

Sports massage is an excellent therapy choice for anyone who is currently active or wanting to become more active.  It will help you perform better, prevent injuries and get the most from the hard work you put in. It can be done at a frequency and budget to suit you and at Sports Medicine Partners we also make a point of teaching you how to look after your muscles on your own – helping you maintain the benefits for far longer than might otherwise be the case