More from Richard in the USA

Well it’s Sunday so that means update time. I may have underestimated how hard it is to make my life sound interesting but I’m not one to shirk off a challenge….
As I said last week, I am out in Los Angeles warm weather training with my coach and training group. Every year we come to L.A. for 5 weeks or so. This is for two reasons in particular. Unfortunately it’s not for celeb watching and wandering up and down Rodeo Drive, but instead for the predictable weather and some early season races.  
Week one however is a miserable old week and in my opinion the hardest of the lot because it is engulfed by the battle of ‘mind vs time zone’, a challenge for any Atlantic crosser. However, I fear perhaps this is not the Hollywood blockbuster I hope to pen whilst sitting in Starbucks, sipping at a frappucino and munching down a muffin (you can keep the cheese thanks) whilst tapping away at my iPad with every other wannabe script writer in L.A.
In addition to the jet lag we weren’t blessed with an opening week of beautiful Californian sunshine but weather more suited to a mild spring week in overcast Loughborough. But listen to me moaning, it’s not all that bad I promise, I’m sure nobody is feeling sorry for me and to be honest once I began waking at 8am as opposed to 3am it was all smiles as usual.  
The back-end of this week has been back to training as usual, with two big track sessions coming in quick succession. In a typical week back home we train 6 days a week with three major running sessions, two weights and a technical hurdling session. In the most part this week was very successful, and I’m in as good a shape as I could hope and am excited to find out how the training materialises after a few races. However my poor old back certainly wishes it was much closer to Lichfield so it could get some love and attention, it is a difficult beast to tame, one of which I’m sure to never master. 
Away from the track we had a rest day Wednesday which allowed myself and my girlfriend Justine, who is an irish 400m hurdler, the chance to explore Huntington beach. As the tan off commenced (which I am completely dominating as always) we soon realised that it probably wasn’t quite hot enough for a days sunbathing. This should have been obvious from the empty carparks and having only wet-suited surfers for company, but we English (and Irish) are a stubborn lot, especially once we’ve put money in the meter, so we hung around for an hour or so until we gave up in search of something else American to do. 
So far however I suspect that what Americans mainly do for entertainment is eating, based on the number of restaurants we saw.  We soon found our favourite, Ruby’s on Laguna beach, and made the most of cheat day, which is a day off the diet, with that classic American dish of burgers and chips. As I am so strict 6 days of week this is thankfully a guilt free meal and the oh so visible calorie chart could for once be ignored. 
That is it for my week, I hope for your sake as well as mine the next few weeks will begin to liven up. With races lined up and a couple of day trips in the pipeline I can’t imagine that will be too hard. Until next week, thanks for reading 🙂