Meet SMP’s Sponsored Athlete – 400m Hurdler Richard Davenport


As this is my first blog I am a little apprehensive about how to start it off but first and foremost I should introduce myself. My name is Rich Davenport and I am a 400m hurdler with, simply put, Olympic aspirations.
The reason why i find myself doing what I find most difficult, talking about myself, is because I am fortunate to be the proud recipient of sponsorship from Sports Medicine Partners. In return for this support I have been given the title of chief blogger and will on a weekly basis keep you up to date on my progress towards the Olympic trials in late June, and with a little luck up until the Olympic Games.
So I should perhaps start this week with why me? I think the honest answer is I show promise. As a junior athlete I had my fair share of successes,  which culminated in breaking the National Junior record for 400m hurdles in a time of 50.20 as well as winning an indoor senior 4x400m relay silver, and multiple English schools and AAA’s titles. 
In 2005 I suffered a serious back injury which resulted in a 3 year lay-off and two operations on my lower spine. Since then I have been on the recovery trail, trying to force myself back onto funding and into the British team which has in the past few years become an incredibly competitive event domestically, let alone internationally. In the 400m hurdles we now have a world champion in Dai Green as well as I think 4 of the 5 fastest guys in Europe all coming from team GB.
Last year I made a real step forward personally placing second in the AAA’s National Championships and going on to finish 5th in the World University Games in Schenzhen, China. These results have left me on the cusp. If athletics teams had a substitutions bench, I like to think I’d be sat on it,  lycra on, spikes at the ready, drinks bottle in my bag, sunglasses propped on top of my head and i would be raring to go. Unfortunately the harsh reality of athletics is that you may as well be sat on your couch at home, once the trials are done, that is it. It’s tough but it’s fair. 
So anyway where was I? … Got carried away there… Oh yes, so  it is this competitiveness and the belief that Sports Medical Partners, and doctor Rob have shown in me that has led me to be sat here typing away. I must say I’m glad that first bit is out of the way. Now I just have to talk about what’s going on in my life, how hard can that be? Oh and I should probably make an effort to be interesting…that might prove a sterner test.
Having just arrived in Los Angeles for a warm weather camp, where my training group and I will complete final preparations for the competitive season,  I am currently jet lagged, quite smelly and in need of a nice big cup of tea, so until next week folks…thanks for reading all of this/ jumping to the final paragraph, I promise next week will be much more exciting 🙂 for now though I’m off to enjoy the sunshine state which is currently not as warm as the UK, typical!!